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HD3 Complication Raptor Tourbillon

HD3 Complication Raptor Tourbillon
© HD3 Complication

HD3 Complication Raptor Tourbillon Rosegold Titanium
© HD3 Complication

Fabrice Gonet
© RD3 Complication

Raptor Tourbillon is a luxury chronograph by HD3 Complication.

Who remembers Stephen Spielberg's “Jurassic Park”, knows that the dinosaurs of the genus Velociraptor, known as “Raptor” called, were among the most dangerous hunters of its kind. Just like its successor, the Raptor Chrono, also this first Raptor model with tourbillon evokes the impression of dangerous speed and snappy panache. In this case the “mouth” can be opened and unveils a second time display via quartz movement with stop function, date and second time zone.

The Raptor series stems from the “pen” of Fabrice Gonet, the long-time employee and then partner of Jörg Hysek. From any version of this luxury watch, there are a maximum of 33 pieces.




  • Hours, minutes
  • 2nd layer chrono function, date, GMT


Limited edition:

  • 33 pieces per version


  • $150,000 - $249,000 (retrieved 2008)

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