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Kiu Tai Yu

Kiu Tai Yu is a Chinese watchmaker.

The Chinese Kiu Tai Yu has become known as “Mr. Tourbillon”. He was born on 26.7. 1946, in Suzhou, province Jiangsu (China). In May 1970 he made his first mechanical watch. 1980, he moved to Hong Kong. 1990, he was the first in China to build a wristwatch with tourbillon (No. 0). In January 1992 he was the first and only member in the Watches Artists Association AHCI organized by Svend Andersen. 1993 he created the sensational free-floating “Mystery Tourbillon”.

He is a diligent watch creator who has built hundreds of models, but has taught all watch knowledge himself, because it is his main passion. As he said: “In 17 years I've gone to the movies just once. No entertainment. I'm always busy with my work. And it's more than work, it incorporates so many elements of my life. This is my job, my passion, and my life. I don't really care about anything else in the world.”1)


Shop 310 World-Wide House

19 Des Voeux Road, Central
Hong Kong

Tel. (852) 2522 9346
Fax (852) 2521 8022

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