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Kurt Schaffo

Kurt Schaffo is a Swiss watch manufacturer and sceletonizer.

The contemporary watchmaker from Le Locle worked at the famous Tourbillon builder Fritz Robert-Charrue, before he made himself independent with his eponymous company and specialized on the craftsmanship skeletonization of watch movements.

At Schaffo all operations remain within the family his son Christian engraves his father's work. Only about 20-30 mechanical wristwatches, all unique, leave his annual workshops under his name. About the same watches he worked for renowned watch manufacturers such as Zenith and Corum.


Kurt Schaffo
Artisan d'horlogerie fine
Monts 76 / CH-2400 Le Locle
Tel. +41 32 931 42 32
Fax +41 32 931 54 93

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