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Corum is a Swiss watch manufacturer founded in 1955 and currently part of Citychamp.

Corum Admiral Legend 42 (click to enlarge!)
Corum Admiral Legend 42
© Corum


In 1955 René Bannwart and Simone Ries founded this company in La Chaux-de-Fonds, specializing in extravagant watches with mechanical and quartz movements.

The first workshop of Corum originated in a small factory, headed from 1924 by Gaston Ries (1891-1958), the father of Simone. Bannwart and Simone Ries took the lead and in 1956 brought the first watches designed by René Bannwart on the market.

The model Golden Bridge with a miniature bar movement is one of the most famous watches by Corum. In 1976 the son of René Bannwart, Jean-René Bannwart, became partner and in 1987 director of Corum. 1995 the construction of the architecturally interesting production building in La Chaux-de-Fonds was carried out.

New owners

In 2000 the American Severin Wunderman acquired 90% of the shares, 10% remained with Jean-René Bannwart. Kurt Schaffo refined special movements for Corum.

In April 2013 Corum was taken over by the Chinese holding company China Haidian, now known as Citychamp.



Corum Montres SA
Rue du Petit-Château 1
Case postale 374

2301 La Chaux-de-fonds

Tel. +32 / 967 06 70
Fax +32 / 967 06 00

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