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Minase 7 Windows
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Minase is a japanese watchmaker.

The Japanese watch brand Minase was created by the cutting and drilling tool manufacturer Kyowa Co., Ltd., founded in 1963. The watch design follows unmistakably the Japanese design and craft tradition (monozukuri) and is executed in high-quality technology.

The first watch series HiZ was launched in 2011. HiZ comes from the Japanese word “hiizu”, which means “excellent”. In 2017, a first in-house movement was produced.

In autumn 2017, Minase first presented their models on the MunichTime to a Western audience. The unusual, high-quality design of the Watch cases and the polishing process Sallaz awakened keen interest.

Modellreihe HiZ

Promotion video


Headquarters 34-1 Mitsumori, Hayashizaki, Ugo, Ogachi, Akita, 012-1103 Japan

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