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Lang & Heyne

Lang & Heyne Friedrich August I
© Lang & Heyne

Lang & Heyne is a German watch manufacturer.

Marco Lang
© Lang & Heyne

The watchmaker Marco Lang founded, together with Mirko Heyne, today employee at Nomos and there developer of the Tangomat movement, this company in 2001 in Dresden. It is concerned with the manufacturing of highly exclusive watches in the upper price range. Although Heyne left the firm in summer 2002, Marco Lang continued the taken path. Since 2005 he is a member of the AHCI, the international association of independent and creative watch makers. The watches of the brand are available not only in Central Europe, but also in the USA and in the Far East, while the number of employees has grown to more than 10.

Meanwhile, the company is part of the Tempus Arte group.

Founder Marco Lang left the company in 2018, with Jens Schneider, formerly at A. Lange & Söhne and Moritz Grossmann joining the firm.


Lang & Heyne GmbH
Weißenberger Straße 10
D-01324 Dresden
Tel. 0351-21 29 36 60
Fax 0351-21 29 36 61

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