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Nomos Tangomat

Nomos Tangomat (click to enlarge!)
Nomos Tangomat

Nomos Tangomat (back) (click to enlarge!)
Nomos Tangomat (back)

Nomos Tangomat Date (click to enlarge!)
Nomos Tangomat Date

Nomos Tangomat Ruthenium Date (click to enlarge!)
Nomos Tangomat Ruthenium Date

Nomos Tangomat is a wristwatch by Nomos.

After Nomos over several years had created an outstanding reputation with its elegant and contemporary manual winding watches, especially with the classic Tangente, they proceeded to to gradually refine the movements still obtained from ETA-Peseux. This culminated in the ambitious project to develop a complete in-house designed and manufactured automatic caliber and thus to secure the coveted and in the watch sector highly regarded status of a manufacture. In addition one must know the construction of a new own movement today is still thought by many renowned manufacturers that are currently supplied by ETA, to be far too expensive.

The only 29-year-old Nomos watchmaker Mirko Heyne (he had already had collected experience at the Saxon manufacturer Lang & Heyne) was entrusted with the ambitious project - as in general in the company a remarkably young workforce is engaged in responsible positions. And even within just about one year, he reached the set goal. Already in April 2005 two automatic models, Tangomat and Tangomat Date, could be tested by end users and journalists for several months 250 watches, 125 with, 125 without date were passed for four months as Test watches to interested parties in order to assess their suitability for everyday changing conditions. The watches worked well, so the two new Tangomats could go regularly into series production from fall.

The new self-winding movement by Nomos was named Nomos Epsilon (with date Nomos Zeta) and was registered in a work directory beginning with the number 1. It is a very large movement its diameter is 34.65 mm. “Great movements equal accuracy”, that is the rule. A special feature is the central rotor of heavy metal and in one piece. Its radius is larger than the radius of comparable parts in other self-winding watches, and therefore we can speak of a superior winding performance. The balance wheel is considerably larger than that of many other calibres. With 4.3 millimeters the height of the new movement remains still low - so the height-width ratio of the mechanism is particularly favorable. Tangomat and Tangomat date are watches with excellent response characteristics, which are already praised highly.

With this framework construction one remained faithful to the small seconds of the manual winding Tangente. Your advantage it is easier to read than a central seconds. In addition, it makes the watch flatter, because at the center of the watch no three hands are stacked over each other.

Also, the sapphire crystal caseback is already known with Nomos; at the new watch it is secured with six screws and also it is particularly important you can see not only how it ticks and bobs, but also the Nomos-design with the beautiful name of “Wippebewegungsgleichrichter” (rocker movement rectifier) and a double wheel with freewheel clutch. In the barrel a slip clutch ensures that the spring is not blocked at full winding. To secure it against too much strain - many automatic have here a risk of wear - Heyne has ingeniously matched the rotor with his weight very close to the mainspring. Thus the rotor slows down when the spring is fully wound.

Furthermore, the traditional intricacies of Glashütte watch art are to be mentioned Three-quarter plate, Glashütte ratchet, Triovis precision adjustment, solar grinding on ratchet and double wheel, Langeleist-Perlage, Glashütte stripes and blued flat head screws.




  • Hours, minutes, seconds / date



  • Horween Shell Cordovan, Steel clasp with NOMOS Logo
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