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Manuel Neuhaus (*1959)
© Neuhaus

Neuhaus Janus DoubleSpeed
© Neuhaus

Neuhaus is a German watchmaker.

The designer Manuel Neuhaus founded this watch brand in January 2010.

The first model Janus DoubleSpeed provides an unusual variant of the previous one-hand watch. The dial restricts the indication to six hours. The one-hand watch is ticking now, as its name suggests, twice as fast as a conventional wristwatch, but still ensures a slowing down of our everyday lives. The higher hand speed allows twice as accurate reading of time as in previously known one-hand watches.


NEUHAUS Inventing Timepieces
Manuel Neuhaus
Ludwigshafener Str. 11

86157 Augsburg

Telefon +49 (0)821 71058070
Telefax +49 (0)821 71058069

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