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Ole Mathiesen

Ole Mathiesen is a Denish watch manufacturer.

The history of the watch company Ole Mathiesen dates back to the year 1845, when the watchmakers Carl Matthæi and J.P. Christensen set up a watch shop in Copenhagen. Carl Matthæi, as master of the watchmakers guild, was awarded the title “Supplier of the Royal Danish Court” and produced timepieces for King Frederik VII. and Countess Danner. The company was taken over 1919 by Axel Mathiesen and later by his son Ole Mathiesen. Axel Mathiesen equipped the watches with Swiss quality movements. The generation change to Ole Mathiesen took place 1957. The business moved to the prestigious address Østergade.

In 1962 for the first time the typical classical Ole Mathiesen watch with the clear design was created. From 1998 Ole Mathiesen published the Danish watch magazine URE, which at the same time was the only one of its kind in Denmark and whose circulation reached 90,000 copies. In 2002 joined Christian Mathiesen, the third generation of the family, to his position as the new Managing Director.

The latest watch models from Ole Mathiesen are equipped mostly with Quartz movements.


Ole Mathiesen A/S

Østergade 8
DK-1100 Copenhagen

Tel: +45 33 14 12 08

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