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Omega 3330

Calibre 3330 is an automatic chronograph movement by Omega based on the ETA 7753 but with the addition of a column wheel chronograph switch and Co-Axial escapement.


Omega had long depended on Lemania and Frederic Piguet to provide chronograph movements, but this began to change with the 1999 introduction of the Co-Axial escapement. Although Omega was able to modify the Piguet 1285-based Cal. 3313 to include the novel escapement, it was not an ideal movement and had gained a reputation as being somewhat troublesome. So Omega requested that in-house Swatch Group movement specialist ETA develop a new automatic chronograph movement with provision for the Co-Axial escapement.

Since ETA had already developed a column wheel variant of the Valgranges ETA A08.L01 for Longines, Cal. L688.2, this was a natural base for an advanced calibre for Omega. The result was Cal. 3330, which includes not only the column wheel mechanism and Co-Axial escapement but also a silicon balance spring. The movement is also a COSC-certified chronometer.


Cal. 3330 has seen limited use in Omega watches

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