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Omega Railmaster

Omega Seamaster Railmaster Chronometer (click to enlarge!)
Omega Seamaster Railmaster Chronometer
© Omega

Railmaster is a watch range by Omega.


The original Railmaster was first introduced in the year 1957 and strengthened the already existing strong connection between Omega and the railroad. Although the company hat officially delivered pocket watches to railway companies since 1895, the Railmaster was the first watch that was designed specifically for railway employees, scientists, technicians and electricians as well as all other professions who worked with or in the vicinity of strong electric currents, for it had at that time a special antimagnetic double caseback to to protect the movement against the damaging effects of electric fields.

2003 a revised re-edition of the classic Omega Railmaster was launched. It was equipped with the high-quality movement with coaxial escapement, developed at the end of the 90s. Meanwhile, the Railmaster range is no longer produced.

Model overview


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