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Parmigiani Kalpa Hémisphères

Parmigiani Kalpa Hemispheres PF600217
© Parmigiani

Parmigiani Kalpa Hemispheres PF600215
© Parmigiani

Parmigiani Kalpa Hemispheres PF600214
© Parmigiani

Parmigiani Kalpa Hemispheres PF600216
© Parmigiani

Kalpa Hémisphères is a wristwatch by Parmigiani.

The 2008 presented Kalpa Hémisphères can also be refered to as “travel watch”. Inspired by the famous sailor Bernard Stamm, it convinces with its complex internal gearing and grants full view of a dual timezone with hours and minutes, which is characterized by a simple, minute-accurate operation.

To enable the traveler to change the local time or the time of the desired destination, the two time settings (hours and minutes) can be performed entirely independently. For this purpose two crowns are attached to the right side of the case. One is for setting the time zone, the other for winding the movement as well as for the setting of date and local time.

A complex declutching system of the movement allows the various adjustment operations. The new Calibre PF 337 is based on a GMT module of Parmigiani Fleurier (PF 460), which has been adjusted for the automatic base caliber (PF 331).

Because the time zone can also be connected with a night/day-shift, the Kalpa Hémisphères features in addition to the dual time display also a day/night indicator for the second timezone and for the local time as well.

This travel watch would not be complete without date display. At the 9 o'clock window she counts the passing away days thanks to a disc that rotates under the dial and is connected directly with the local time.


  • PF600214 .. PF600217




  • Four variants “Graphite”, “Silver”, “Blu Metal” for the stainless steel version, “Havanna” for the version in rose gold 18ct



  • Full leather or Alligator, security clasp

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