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Patek Philippe Ellipse d'Or 3738

Patek Philippe Ellipse d'Or brown
© Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe Ellipse d'Or blue
© Patek Philippe

Ellipse d'Or Ref. 3738 is a wristwatch by Patek Philippe.

First in 1968 this elegant watch from Patek Philippe appeared on the market, which gained attention by its noble appearance with deep blue dial and unusual body shape. Meanwhile, there are also new color combinations the cases from yellow, rose or white gold, the dials in the colors blue, brown (chocolate) and anthracite.


  • 3738/100G-012 - White Gold
  • 3738/100J-012 - Yellow Gold
  • 3738/100R-001 - Rose Gold




  • Yellow gold version blue metalized gold, sunburst effect
  • Rose gold version brown (chocolate), sunburst effect
  • White gold version anthracite, sunburst effect
  • Indices as applications, baton hands in yellow, rose or white gold


  • Hours, minutes


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