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Heuer 02

TAG Heuer Calibre CH80 (click to enlarge!)
TAG Heuer Calibre CH80
© TAG Heuer

The Calibre CH80 (also called Heuer 02 and formerly called Calibre 1969) is an automatic chronograph movement from TAG Heuer.


This modern movement has a long progress to production, being announced in 2013 but not produced in volume until 2018.

Calibre Heuer 02 is a mechanical chronograph calibre with self-winding. It was developed by TAG Heuer as a thinner and more upscale alternative to the Seiko-derived Calibre 1887, though both are built together in the same TAG Heuer facility in Chevenez. The “1969” name was a reference to the Chronomatic and the race to bring an automatic chronograph to market in 1969, while the new “CH80” is a reference to “Calibre Heuer” and the 80-hour power reserve. A few watches were produced with “Cal. 1969” and more with “Cal. CH80”. In 2017, TAG Heuer announced a renaming of the movement to “Cal. Heuer 02”, as Cal. 1887 was also renamed “Heuer 01”.

Calibre Heuer 02 is more modular than Calibre 1887, being built of three large components that come together at the end of the manufacturing process. Despite this, it is noticeably thinner at 6.5 mm than the integrated 7.27 mm thick 1887. Calibre Heuer 02 is also made up of fewer parts and bridges than Calibre 1887.

The assortment and balance wheel are sourced from Atokalpa rather than Nivarox.



  • Hours, minutes
  • Small seconds at 6 00
  • Date at 9 00
  • Chrono function with central seconds counter, minutes counter at 3 00 and hours counter at 9 00


Production period:

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