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Patek Philippe Twenty~4

The Twenty~4 is a ladies watch by Patek Philippe.


Patek Philippe introduced the Twenty~4 line in 1999 as mechanical watches were truly taking hold yet most ladies models were still quartz driven. The Twenty~4 line gave Patek Philippe a high-end style in the ladies market to rival models from Cartier (such as the Tank) and emerging jewelry brands. It was a successor to the successful (and continued) Patek Philippe Gondolo line which had existed since 1993.

The original Twenty~4 model was “bracelet style” with a rectangular head nearly as narrow as the bracelet. This integrated look provided space for two rows of diamonds on the vertical bezel, with the body of the watch protruding just a bit further. Most Twenty~4 models were simple, with two hands and a quartz movement. Patek Philippe produced a wide variety of styles using this same basic case design. One notable version is a diamond paved version with the mechanical Cal. 16-250.

In 2018, Patek Philippe introduced a new 36 mm round Twenty~4 model, Ref. 7300, with a mechanical movement, Cal. 324 S C.


  • Ref. 4910/4920 - Twenty~4 Medium (25×30 mm) in steel, rose gold, and white gold
  • Ref. 4908/4909 - Twenty~4 Small (22×26.3 mm) in rose gold and white gold
  • Ref. 7300 (2018-) - Twenty~4 Round (36 mm) in steel and rose gold
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