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Richard Mille RM 021 Tourbillon „Aérodyne“

Richard Mille RM 021 (click to enlarge!)
Richard Mille RM 021
© Richard Mille

Richard Mille RM 021 RS (click to enlarge!)
Richard Mille RM 021 RS
© Richard Mille

RM 021 Tourbillon “Aérodyne” is a wristwatch by Richard Mille.

At Richard Mille, it is best tradition that with each new model he comes up with with spectacular new features, even inventions, which by then had never happened before in the world of watches. So also in this 2009 presented luxury model with tourbillon whose mainplate consists in its external frame of titanium and the inside is made of a new type of honeycomb material for which orthorhombic titanium aluminide and Nano-carbon fiber are used.

Orthorhombic titanium aluminides are a new group of alloys, which have a specific crystalline molecular structure. Their use as honeycomb structure was first explored by NASA in connection with the manufacture of supersonic aircraft wings, where extreme resistance to very high temperatures and extreme torsion play a paramount role.

The shape of the mainplate of this watch picks up the V-shaped profile of an aircraft, where the tips of the wings are higher than the aircraft fuselage. Barrel and tourbillon are both centrally placed within this aerodynamic structure and balancing on light, airy bridges with four or five arms on both sides.

Again, the brand here demonstrates its exclusive self-image, oriented towards the highest technical and design demands.


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