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Ruhla is a German watch town.

The German low mountain town Ruhla is a traditional center of the watch industry and precision engineering. It is located in the Thuringian Forest, south of Eisenach.

1862 the brothers Christian and Georg Thiel founded a metal factory here and in 1892 began with the production of pocket watches. The company continued to expand and distinguished itself as one of the largest and most important watch manufacturers in Germany.

After 1945 company became the “VEB Uhrenwerke Ruhla”. While the companies in Glashütte were more likely responsible for the high quality range, the focus in Ruhla was mainly on the cheapest possible mass production.

With the dissolution of the VEB Uhrenwerke Ruhla after the “Wende” (German regime change) originated several private, highly specialized small and medium enterprises. This includes also the manufacturer Gardé Uhren und Feinmechanik Ruhla GmbH, who further produces watches of the lower price range, namely predominantly quartz and utility watches (eg radio clocks, alarm clocks, chess clocks, Braille watches, hunting watches, etc.).

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