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Schaffhausen is a Swiss watch town.

Today Schaffhausen as watch town is first of all mentioned in the same breath with the famous watch manufacturer IWC that even bears the name of the city in its corporate name “International Watch Co. Schaffhausen”. But the American engineer Florentine Ariosto Jones would not have founded his company here in 1868 if the watchmaker profession had not previously had a long tradition in this place. Thus we find in the State Archives of Schaffhausen an entering dated from January 29, 1583 of the guild of explosives experts, gunsmiths, watches and winch makers to the City Council, which proves that the craft of the watchmaker had already existed in Schaffhausen. In addition, there are even earlier traces of Schaffhausen watchmaking, which date back to the year 1409. Because then a monk from the nearby monastery Rheinau designed and built the chiming of the church of St. John.

In addition to IWC also the traditional company H. Moser & Cie. is located in Schaffhausen. It was the watchmaker and Industrial Johann Heinrich Moser, whom the American Jones had probably met in Le Locle in his intention to start an own business, and whose great-grandson was responsible for the re-establishment of the brand H. Moser & Cie. in 2002.

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