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Seiko 7000

The 7000 series was a family of mid-range mechanical watch movements from Seiko from the 1970's through the 1990's.

Produced from 1973, the 7000 family was a midrange mechanical offering. It was the basis for the popular 7S26 family, and its descendants remain in production today. The family operated at the same 21,600 A/h still used by midrange Seiko mechanisms and all offered 43 hours of power reserve. All members of the family feature Seiko's bi-directional Magic Lever winding system.

There were three versions of the 7000 family before the introduction of the 7S26 with its new quickset day and date mechanism and other improvements

  1. The original 7005/7006/7025 movements appeared in the early 1970's; had quickset date but not day
  2. The line expanded to include cam switching modular chronographs with the 7015/7016/7017/7018; quickset day by pushing the crown
  3. The line was resurrected in the 1980's as the 7001/7002/7009/7019/7039

The 7005 and 7006 (date only and day/date respectively) designs were re-used and updated in the 1980's as the 7002 and 7009. These later movements were optimized for price and mechanized production, using many more stamped steel and plastic parts. Although they have proven fairly robust, their accuracy has suffered due to this change.

Generation Model Year Jewels Height Complications
New date mechanism 7005A 1969-1979 17 4.5 mm Date
7006A 1970-1981 17/19/21 4.85 mm Day, date
7025A 1976-1986 Date, small rotor
Chronographs 7015A
21 5.9 mm Day, date, chronograph 60s
7016A 1972-1982 21 6.4 mm Day, date, chronograph 60s, 30min, 12h
7018A, 7018B 1971-1981 23 5.9 mm Day, date, chronograph 60s, 30min
Push-date 7009A 1976-1998 17 5.0 mm Day, date
21 5.0 mm Day, date
Divers 7001A 1988-1999 17 4.9 mm
7002A 1988-1999 17 4.9 mm Date




  • Diameter 12 ligne (27 mm)
  • 17, 19, 21, or 23 jewels
  • 18,000 A/h
  • Power reserve 43 Hours

Production period:

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