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Seiko 7R

The 7R family of Seiko calibres use the company's Spring Drive technology.


The 7R family includes the high-end 7R68 Spring Drive movement as well as the elite Seiko Credor grande complication movements.

The 7R68 is a Spring Drive movement with power reserve indicator, 48 hour power reserve, and hour, minute, and second sweep hands and a date window. It contains 30 jewels.

The Credor Sonnerie and Minute Repeater are hand built at Seiko's Micro Artist Studio at Shiojiri.

The 7R06 was used in the 2006 Seiko Credor Spring Drive Sonnerie (GBLQ998). Only 5 examples were produced. Complications include sonnerie and power reserve indicator. A standard crown is found at 3 00 with a button at 8 00 setting hour chime or silence, as indicated on the rear at 6 00. There are 617 parts to the movement, 88 jewels, and a dedicated sonnerie barrel. The sonnerie performs an hourly strike or a strike every three hours.

The 7R11 appeared in 2011 on the Seiko Credor Spring Drive Minute Repeater (GBLS998). Just 3 examples were created in 2011, though more are available on request. It uses a decimal system for the repeater, chiming out hours, tens of minutes, and single minutes separately. The calibre includes 660 parts, 112 jewels, and has a power-reserve of 72 hours. It is 36.6 mm in diameter and 7.8 mm thick.

The 7R14A was used in the 2018 Seiko Credor Eichi II. It has 41 jewels despite being a simple movement with hours, minutes, seconds, and power reserve indicator on the reverse side.


  • 7R06
    • Credor Spring Drive Sonnerie (GBLQ)
  • 7R08
    • Credor Masterpiece (GBLR)
  • 7R11
    • Credor Spring Drive Minute Repeater (GBLS)
  • 7R14
    • Credor Masterpiece (GBLT)
  • 7R87
    • Credor Node and Signo (GBLP, GCLP)
  • 7R88
    • Credor Node and Signo (GALH, GBLH, GCLH)
  • 7R99
    • Credor Signo (GBLJ)
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