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Seiko King Quartz

King Quartz was an upscale quartz watch brand from Seiko in the 1970s and 1970s. It is analogous to King Seiko and fell below Seiko Superior and Seiko Grand Quartz in the brand's hierarchy at the time.


The King Quartz brand debuted in 1975 alongside the Grand Quartz brand. Two models appeared in the catalog that year, one each from Suwa Seikosha and Daini Seikosha, the 48KQ and 08KQ, respectively. The top of the line model came from Daini and sold for one million Yen thanks to its solid gold case and bracelet, nearly as much as Suwa's new Grand Quartz. Most models from both companies used steel cases, however, and sold for under 72,000 Yen, just below the least-expensive Grand Quartz model.

Suwa's Cal. 48 offerings came in day-date (48KQW Cal. 4823) or date-only (48KQC Cal. 4822) versions. A time-only Cal. 4821 is listed in some sources as being introduced in 1977 but does not appear in any official catalog. These were produced from 1975 through 1979. The “A” versions (4822A and 4823A) came first (perhaps as early as 1974) and were accurate to 10 seconds per month. The “B” versions (4822B and 4823B) were added in 1975 and were good to 1 seconds per month.

Daini Seikosha, originator of the King Seiko brand a decade earlier, also had a King Quartz offering at this time. These were also available in day-date (08KQW Cal. 0853) and date-only (08KQC Cal. 0852) versions. These represented the top of the line Cal. 08 movements, with many other offerings in less-expensive watches. But the Daini King Quartz models sold for the same price as the Suwa range.

Daini updated their high-end movement range in 1977 with the introduction of Cal. 58 for the King Quartz, followed by their Twin Quartz Cal. 92 the following year in the Grand Quartz. This new movement had similar specifications to the previous movement, and sold for similar prices. These lasted in production through 1979 as well.

Daini and Suwa each offered a new King Quartz model in 1979, the 97KQ and 99KQ, respectively. The latter movement was shared with the contemporary Grand Quartz, and and both used Seiko's Twin Quartz technology for an astonishing 20 seconds per year accuracy. Another Daini movement, 96KQ, appeared in 1980, and the final King Quartz introduction was the 94KQ in 1981. Cal. 94 and 96 were also a Twin Quartz movements good for 20 seconds per year.

The King Quartz line was retired in 1985 along with the Grand Quartz range.


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