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Sinn 240 St

Sinn 240 St
© Sinn

Model 240 is an automatic watch from Sinn produced since 2015.


Introduced at Baselworld in 2015, Model 240 features a similar case to the legendary Model 140 Space Chronograph but with a simpler movement and design. Like its predecessor, it has an inner rotating bezel controlled by a crown, though this is moved from 10 00 to 2 00. The bezel is numbered in 60 increments with numerals at 5 through 55, clockwise. The dial also features day and date windows at 3 00.

The basic Model 240 St was augmented in 2017 with Model 240 St GZ with a tide indicator on the inner bezel. Another special version, Model 240 C, was produced for Chronos magazine in a limited edition of 100 examples. This model features a 12 hour bezel that can be used to show a second timezone.

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  • 240 C (2017-2018) - 12 hour bezel, special edition for Chronos magazine, limited to 100 pieces
  • 240 St (2015-present) - Standard 60 minute bezel
  • 240 St GZ (2017-present) - Tide gauge bezel




  • Mat black
  • Indexes with luminous colour
  • Hours, minutes and seconds hand with luminous colour




  • 2 years


  • 1350,00 € with leather strap (2015)
  • 1505,00 € with stainless steel bracelet

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