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Stowa is a German watch manufacturer.

Stowa Flieger Classic Chrono automatic (click to enlarge!)
Stowa Flieger Classic Chrono automatic
© Stowa


The name of the watch manufacturer Stowa was inspired by its founder, Walter Storz, who initiated it in 1927 in Hornberg in the Black Forest. In 1935 Storz moved his pocket and wristwatch production to Pforzheim and in 1938 built a new factory there. From 1940 Stowa obtained the ebauche movements for the observation watches required by the Wehrmacht (German Armed Forces) from Unitas (diameter 46.5 mm).

After considerable war damage Storz began in 1945 in Rheinfelden with a new production of watches. Also, the Pforzheim plant was rebuilt. The company produced affordable everyday watches, jewelry watches and later quartz watches.

Since 1996, the brand is owned by Jörg Schauer, who also produces watches under his own name and now also continues the tradition of the watch manufacturer Stowa and the ebauche movement manufacturer Durowe. The watches by Stowa are, among others, marketed by the retail chain Manufactum.


Jörg Schauer
Salmbacher Weg 52
D-75331 Engelsbrand

Phone 0 70 82 - 9 30 60
Telefax 0 70 82 - 9 30 62

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