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Victorinox Swiss Army

Swiss watch manufacturer

The company Victorinox Swiss Army (abbreviated as VSA) is world famous because of their high quality military and utility knifes (especially folding knives). It was founded in 1884 by Karl Elsener in the village of Ibach near Schwyz and celebrated its 125-year anniversary in 2009.

In the year 1989 the wristwatch “Swiss Army” was launched and had great success, especially in North America, where the Swiss Army knife has an outstanding degree of awareness. One-fifth of the watches imported to the U.S. from Switzerland are Swiss Army watches. Of the 25 million annual Swiss watches, which are exported abroad, Victorinox Swiss Army holds a significant share, what gives the young watch company a status as the third largest exporter in the Swiss watchmaking industry (as of 2009).

In 2002 the merger of the two watch brands Victorinox (Switzerland) and Swiss Army (USA) took place in Biel, establishing the Victorinox Swiss Army Watch SA. In 2006 the production capacity was expanded with the opening of a new watch factory in the Swiss Jura.

The watches range now includes about 160 different models from the product lines Active, Classic, and professional.


Victorinox Swiss Army SA
Victorinox Press Office (Switzerland)
Victorinox AG, Ibach-Schwyz
T +41 41 818 12 11

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