Külling, Ruedi

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Ruedi Külling

Ruedi Külling is a Swiss designer and watch createur.

Ruedi Külling was born in Zurich on 4 February 1935. From 1951 to 1956, he completed training as a graphic designer at the Zurich School of Applied Arts. Subsequently he worked until 1962 as a graphic designer and art director in Milan, London and Chicago. From 1963 Külling worked as Creative Director at the advertising agency Advico in Gockhausen. 1965 he became member of the Executive Board and 1976 co-owner of the agency. In 1989 followed the establishment of the Külling Partner Identity, until in 1994 he found himself constrained in his creativity by too much marketing. So he sold his shares in an advertising agency to realize his lifelong dream and to design watches.

The impetus for this was his idea to transmit the Swiss railway clock to wristwatch format. Encouraged by this success, he summed up the courage to design own watches and on January 25, 1996 founded, together with Hans Peter Hanschick, the brand Xemex Swiss Watch.