Schauer, Jörg

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Jörg Schauer

Jörg Schauer is a German watchmaker and watch entrepreneur.

Jörg Schauer set up on his own in 1990 at the age of 22 years. At first he manufactured unique watches for his clients, mainly in gold or platinum cases. Within five years the first 400 watches were developed and sold worldwide. In 1995 he founded the trade mark Jörg Schauer in Engelsbrand (Black Forest) with the aim of bringing an own watch collection on the market. Hallmark of these collections was the 12-fold screwed bezel, which was also found at the chronograph series Kulisse.

Since 1996 Jörg Schauer is owner of the watch manufacturer STOWA and the ebauche manufacturer Durowe.


  • Chronographe series Kulisse
  • Automatik Day Date
  • Kleine Schauer
  • Quarada
  • Digital
  • Einzeiger


Stowa / Jörg Schauer
Salmbacher Weg 52
75331 Engelsbrand