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B. Junge & Söhne

B. Junge & Söhne Modular Chrono Sonderedition
© B. Junge & Söhne

B. Junge & Söhne is a German watch manufacturer.

Sporty, modern rebirth of a traditional Glashütte brand

For the first time at the Munichtime 2010 the young brand celebrated its public debut with a collection of unusual sports watches, which are modularly composable.

The brand name “B. Junge & Söhne” goes back to a manufacture from 1891 in Glashütte, which made pocket watches at that time. Heinz W. Pfeifer, who had made himself a name in the watch industry as head of the watch manufacturer Glashütte Original and at the same time is also constributing to the development of the present Dugena collection, has envisioned the concept of this brand.


NOVA TEMPORA Uhren and Schmuck GmbH
Assar-Gabrielsson-Straße 1 B

63128 Dietzenbach

Tel. 06074 / 696 22 - 0
Fax 06074 / 696 22 - 22

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