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Bell & Ross BR 01-93 24H GMT

Bell & Ross BR 01-93 24H GMT
© Bell & Ross

Pilot's watch by Bell & Ross

In the BR Instrument 01 series of the technically-looking cockpit watches for airplanes Bell & Ross has released this variant with GMT display in 2009. It displays the time at two different points of the earth simultaneously. The white hands on the main dial indicate the time of the country in which you are located, while the orange-colored GMT hand on the 24 hour graduated inner bezel shows the time of the country of origin.

The large, white photoluminescent numerals, the inner bezel and the orange-colored GMT hand stand out against the black dial and contribute to the excellent readability.




  • Black
  • Numerals, indexes and hands photoluminescent for optimal night reading



  • Natural rubber or heavy-duty synthetic fabric

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