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Fossil Group

Fossil Group is a Hong Kong/American watchmaking group.


Other Holdings

In 2001, Fossil purchased Zodiac along with Synergies Horlogères, Montres Antima SA (founded in 1919) and band and case supplier Meliga Habillement Horloger SA. It served to design and produce Swiss watches for Fossil, Feldo, Meistersinger, Maranello, Fortis, and Vasto. This Biel-based group, known as Antima under Fossil, was spun out as Synergies Horlogères in 2007. Fossil retained some assets of the group, along with Ticino-based STP, which they had acquired in 2012, and their Basel case manufacturer and headquarters. In 2014, Synergies Horlogères merged with Christopher Ward.

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