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Grand Seiko 45GS

The 45GS was a high-end hand-wound mechanical watch from Seiko.

Introduced in late 1968, the 45GS was intended to replace the now-legendary Grand Seiko 44GS as the lower-end hand-winding option in the Grand Seiko lineup. Both were produced by Daini Seikosha, the “second source” for Grand Seiko models. Like its predecessor, the 45GS was noted for its accuracy and beauty, with a simple time-only dial, though a date window was offered as an option. It lasted in production until 1973 but couldn't withstand the onslaught of quartz watches. The final 1973 models were “V.F.A.” offerings modeled on the famous Astronomical Observatory Chronometer produced in 1969.

The 45GS featured the Hi-Beat 36,000 A/h Seiko 4500 movement. Derived from the 18,000 A/h Seiko 4400 movement, this would be the final classic ultra-high beat Grand Seiko model.

The 45GS was re-made by Seiko in 2000 as a special limited edition, SCVN001, with a 4S15 movement.


There were four revisions of the Daini 4500 Grand Seiko watch

  • 4520A (1968-1972) - GS standard official approval, no date
  • 4522A (1968-1972) - GS standard official approval, date
  • 4580A (1969-1973) - V.F.A., date
  • 4520A (1969) - Astronomical Observatory Chronometer official approval, no date

Like its predecessor, a King Seiko model was also produced.

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