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Gyromax is a type of balance wheel with peripheral weights that can be adjusted.

Traditional balance wheels have proved difficult to adjust. So the 1949 introduction of the Gyromax balance was welcome for watchmakers and vendors alike. For the first time, the balance wheel could be finely adjusted for accuracy simply by rotating weights mounted along the inside of the periphery of the rotor. The concept was invented and patented by Patek Philippe.


The original Gyromax balance wheel has two spokes and 8 weights. Users of the Gyromax balance include Patek Philippe, Hublot, Audemars Piguet.


An improved Gyromax wheel was introduced by Patek Philippe in 2004 with the introduction of Cal. 324. This time it features four spokes, each with one integrated weight.


Patek Philippe Advanced Research introduced an hourglass-shaped silicon and gold balance in 2011. This GyromaxSi also has four weights, two each on the outside of each gold weight.

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