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Helwig, Alfred

Alfred Helwig (1886-1974) (click to enlarge!)
Alfred Helwig (1886-1974)

Alfred Helwig was a German watchmaker and technical writer, and in addition the inventor of the “flying tourbillon”.

Alfred Helwig was born 1886 in Goldbach/Lower Lusatia on 5 July. From 1900, he carried out a watchmaker training in Sorau at the master watchmaker Dunkel, before he visited the German Watchmaker School Glashütte from 1904 to 1905. He then worked in Hof at Georg Braun. In 1906 followed a job in the Glashütte Präzisions-Uhren-Fabrik A.G. (precision watch factory) and from 1908 at the Hamburger Chronometerwerke. In 1909 he returned to Glashütte and until 1911 worked at the Glashütte Präzisions-Uhren-Fabrik A.G.

1911, he opened in Glashütte his “Workshop for Chronometry”. From April 1, 1913 to 1944 Helwig worked as a teacher at the German Watchmaker School Glashütte. 1922 Helwig passed his master's examination, in which he manufactured a flying five minutes tourbillon with escapement. 1923, he was appointed head teacher and 1933 received the title “Commercial Senior Teacher”. In October 1954 his work at the German Watchmaker School Glashütte ended.

He specialized in the precision adjustment and the tourbillons. In the twenties, he developed a flying tourbillon, which was also manufactured by several of his master students under his direction.

Helwig, together with Prof. Dr. Friedrich Karl Giebel, published the book “Die Feinstellung der Uhren” (The fine adjustment of watches). (This book was first published 1950 because it was subject to confidentiality in World War II.)

Alfred Helwig died on May 18, 1974.

As a tribute to Alfred Helwig Glashütte Original launched in the series “Masterpieces” the models Alfred Helwig Tourbillon and Alfred Helwig Tourbillon 2 as limited models in the high cost sector; they also were equipped with a flying tourbillon.

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