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Journe, Francois-Paul

Francois-Paul Journe\\ © [[F. P. Journe]] (click to enlarge!)
Francois-Paul Journe
© F. P. Journe

Francois-Paul Journe is a watchmaker and founder of the eponymous watch brand F. P. Journe.


Francois-Paul Journe was born in 1957 in Marseilles, where he started his education with 15 years at the local watchmaking school. In 1976 he received his watchmaking diploma in Paris. In 1985 he also opened his studio there. That same year he joined the watchmaker association AHCI.

From 1989 he worked in the Swiss Jura, together with several other watchmakers. In 1994, Journe received the prestigious Prix Gaïa Artisanat-Creation award.

In 1996 he moved to Geneva, where he began to realize his dream to build his own watches. At the Baselworld 1999 he presented at the booth of the AHCI for the first time two of his own watch creations a Resonance chronometer and the Tourbillon avec Remontoir d'Egalité.

On September 17, 2018, Journe confirmed that he had sold a 20% stake in Montres Journe SA to French luxury company Chanel. The move was a way to ensure that his company would outlast its founder.

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