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Kienzle is a German watch manufacturer.


The company's history dates back to the first beginnings of the Black Forest clock industry. In 1822, the master watchmaker Johannes Schlenker begins with the crafting of wooden clocks. In 1855 “night watchman control watches” are delivered all over the world.

1883 Jakob Kienzle marries into the family and becomes a partner in the firm, which now is called “Schlenker & Kienzle”. In 1897 Jakob Kienzle becomes sole owner of the company and 1919 renames it to “Kienzle Uhrenfabrik KG”.

Already in 1903 the production surpasses 1 million watches. Subsidiaries in London, Paris and Milan are established. In 1922, the conversion into a stock company happens, which in 1964 is converted into a GmbH (limited company).

In 1973 Kienzle produces the first quartz movement.

1985 Kienzle takes over the Württembergische Uhrenfabrik Bürk and continues it till 1996 under the name Bürk Zeitsysteme.

1989, the Kienzle watch factory is taken over by the DUFA (Deutsche Uhrenfabrik). 1992 Kienzle is renamed to DUFA. The company goes bankrupt in 1996. 1997, the company is acquired by the group Highway Holdings, Hong Kong, and the production is moved to China.

New beginning as Kienzle AG

2005, the worldwide trademark rights are taken over by the Kienzle AG in Hamburg. A complete strategic realignment of the company is started. Also mechanical watches are developed again and manufactured as part of the new “Edition Jakob Kienzle” or in the “Kienzle Kollektion 2007”. The model “Repetition No. 1” from the “Edition Jakob Kienzle” has a self-winding movement with a repetition module from Dubois Dépraz. The tonneau watch from the “Kienzle Kollection 2007” is equipped with a chronograph movement Valjoux 7750.

Beginning of 2010 Kienzle had to file for bankruptcy again, followed by a restructuring. Since 2011, the worldwide trademark belongs to the Premier Trademarks AG in Switzerland.


Kienzle AG
Kanalstr. 42a

22085 Hamburg
Tel. +49 (0)40 / 271 523-0
Fax +49 (0)40 / 271 523-23

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