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Kriëger is an American watch manufacturer.

When in 1985 he could not pass through a bridge while sailing because of the flood, the North American lawyer Ira Kriëger began to ask himself why there was no watch which indicated the tides. Consistent, as he was, he founded in 1988 the Kriëger Watch Corporation in his hometown Miami, and with the desired watch, the Krieger Tidal Chronometer with quartz movement, manufactured in Switzerland, he entered the watch scene. When this watch really struck especially for sailing enthusiasts - after a magazine had recommended it on the front page as the ideal Christmas gift, whereupon all 1000 pieces of the first series were sold out in three months -, Kriëgers quit his lawyer activity and devoted himself exclusively to the production of watches. Since then, he has created a whole range of watches, including, more recently, the Gigantium, a model particularly large-scale, as the name implies. He also caused a stir with the “Mysterium”, whose also oversized 51 mm diameter case was made entirely of transparent aluminum.

The watches of Kriëger are all delivered with chronometer certificate and impress not least because of their refreshing, tasty appearance.


Kriëger Watch Corporation

1665 Washington Ave 3rd Floor
Miami Beach, FL USA 3313

Telephone 1-800-441-843
Phone (305) 534-8433
Fax (305) 673-4771

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