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List of watches worn in space

Among the many tool watches, those worn and used in space have proven especially legendary. Many manufacturers saw their watches go into orbit or to the moon, sometimes officially and sometimes not. This list catalogs those watches and watch models known to have left earth.



  • 1969, Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong, Omega Speedmaster Professional 105.012 - Remained in the capsule on the moon's surface during the walk
  • 1969, Apollo 11, Buzz Aldrin, Omega Speedmaster Professional 105.012 - Worn on the surface of the moon, lost during shipping to the Smithsonian
  • 1970, Apollo 13, Jack Swigert, Omega Speedmaster Professional - Used to time the mid-course correction that saved the astronauts
  • 1970, Apollo 13 and Apollo 14, Rolex GMT's were present on the craft
  • 1971, Apollo 15, Dave Scott, Omega Speedmaster Professional - Lost its plexiglas crystal during EVA-2
  • 1971, Apollo 15, Dave Scott, Bulova chronograph 88510/01 - Worn on the surface of the moon unofficially during EVA-3, returned with lunar dust, sold in 2010's for $1.62 million
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