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Breitling Cosmonaute

Breitling Cosmonaute (click to enlarge!)
Breitling Cosmonaute
© Breitling

Breitling Cosmonaute (current model) (click to enlarge!)
Breitling Cosmonaute (current model)
© Breitling

Chronograph by Breitling with 24-hours indication and aviation slide rule

This watch from the model range Navitimer was launched in 1962 by Breitling and worn by astronaut Scott Carpenter during his space mission with the Aurora 7 capsule on 24 May 1962. The former models had manual winding; the current model has automatic winding. The model Cosmonaute 02 received the newly developed manufacture calibre B02.


  • A12019 stainless steel, K12019 gold (early model)
  • A12020, A12022, A12322 stainless steel
  • D12020, D12022, D12322 steel/gold, K12020, K12022, K12322 gold
  • A12023 stainless steel (with transparent back), D12022 steel/gold, K12022 gold
  • A22322 stainless steel, D22322 steel/gold, K22322 gold (current model)







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