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Martin Braun Notos

Martin Braun Notos W PB
© Martin Braun

Martin Braun Notos W RGC RG
© Martin Braun

Martin Braun Notos B
© Martin Braun

Notos is a wristwatch by Martin Braun.

Astronomical watch with automatic winding, equipped with the indications equation of time, month, as well as the extremely rare complication declination. This watch, as common with Martin Braun, is delivered in several versions, which differ primarily by the bezel and the dial. The latter is optionally made of Onyx or Cocolong stone from South America, each with metal as the basis, giving the watches a look that otherwise, eg by paint, would not be attainable.

The equation of time indication allows to display the difference of the mean local time to the true local time, which is of great importance mainly in the navigation.

By the declination indication can be seen, on which latitude the sun is currently standing vertically in the sky at 12 o'clock.




  • Onyx and black metal or Cocolong stone with blue metal



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