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Pallweber is the name given to a series of pocket watches produced by IWC in the 1880s. In 2018, IWC resurrected the name and design for a new series of watches.

19th Century

One of the most famous early products from IWC was the so-called Pallweber pocket watches. Produced from 1885 through 1887, the watches featured a distinctive jumping hour and jumping minutes display. They were named after Austrian engineer Josef Pallweber who licensed the design to IWC in 1883. Although best-remembered as an IWC product, Cortébert and Gédéon Thommen also licensed and produced watches of his design.

The production IWC Pallweber pocket watches used an Elgin movement, Cal. 42 "Pallweber III". IWC also built some other prototype calibres but these were not sold to the general public. About 14,940 Pallweber III watches were made.

The Pallweber design features jumping minutes at the center, displayed with two discs as is often used for big date complications today. At 12 00 on the face is the jumping hour aperture, which uses a single disc. The seconds subdial is found at 6 00. IWC labeled the hour and minute apertures in various languages.

21st Century

In 2018, IWC surprised the watch world at SIHH with a set of new Pallweber watches. Produced as 150th anniversary "Jubilee" models, the series included the Tribute to Pallweber Edition "150 Years" Ref. 505101 pocket watch and Tribute to Pallweber Edition "150 Years" Ref. 505001 and 505003 wristwatch, both powered by Cal. 94200.

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