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Patek Philippe Celestial 6102

Patek Philippe Celestial 6102R-001 (click to enlarge!)
Patek Philippe Celestial 6102R-001
© Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe Celestial 6102P-001 (click to enlarge!)
Patek Philippe Celestial 6102P-001
© Patek Philippe

The Celestial Ref. 6102 is a wristwatch from Patek Philippe.

This watch displays the exact configuration of the nocturnal sky in the northern hemisphere, with the apparent movement of the stars and the phases and orbit of the moon. Two skeletonized hands point to the hours and minutes of mean solar time. An Ellipse, deposited on the underside of the sapphire glass, frames the portion of the sky visible from Geneva and all other cities located at the same latitude.





  • Three metalized sapphire-crystal discs as well as ellipse framing the sky visible from Geneva


  • Hours, minutes
  • Sky chart, phases and orbit of the Moon
  • Time of meridian passage of Sirius and of the moon


  • Alligator leather strap with square scales, hand-sewn, shiny navy blue


  • 283,330 (Ref. 6102R), 306,420 EUR (Ref. 6102P); as of 2022
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