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Synchron was a Swiss holding company under ASUAG containing Cyma, Doxa, and Ernest Borel from 1968 to 1980.


The massive ASUAG holding company included many Swiss watch brands from its founding in 1932, and acted to protect the industry throughout the coming decades. In 1966, ASUAG created Chronos Holding to manage new acquisitions, including the recently-defunct Cyma-Tavannes brands and a stake in Gruen. Chronos, in turn, created Synchron in 1968 to manage Cyma along with Doxa and Ernest Borel.

Throughout the 1970's, the Synchron name was used in public advertisements to support the three brands, Cyma, Doxa, and Ernest Borel. But the quartz crisis of that decade led to the decline of the Swiss watch industry. Cyma was sold to a private investor in 1978 and moved to the Doxa factory in Le Locle. Around 1980, ASUAG sold Synchron and the two remaining brands.

Note Contrary to the current Doxa web site FAQ, Girard-Perregaux, Zodiac, and Eberhard & Co. were not part of the Synchron group.


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