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Urwerk EMC

EMC is the name for a mechanical watch with electronic timing developed by Urwerk in 2013.


Urwerk announced the EMC movement on May 29, 2013 in Geneva. It combines a double barrel watch movement with an ARCAP balance wheel with an electronic timing measurement and display system. This system uses an optical “eye” to measure the oscillation rate of the balance wheel to 10 milliseconds, displaying the variance on a timing indicator. This electronic system is not connected to the mechanical movement and is hand-charged on demand using a Maxon generator and capacitor. Urwerk had introduced an exposed fine tuning screw on the case back, making the EMC a useful adjustment on the fly.

In August 2013, Urwerk introduced the EMC watch, featuring this novel movement. The watch has four displays on the face Seconds dial, hours and minutes subdial, power reserve indicator, and “precision indicator”. The latter shows seconds per day variance on a scale of plus or minus 20 seconds. This is the first Urwerk watch to use conventional hands to show hours and minutes.

On the rear, Urwerk placed their Fine Tuning screw as well as a button to release the lever used to charge the EMC capacitor using a Maxon generator. The winding and setting crown is found at 6 00, opposite the normal location for Urwerk. The two mainspring barrels are mounted on a single axis, giving 80 hours power reserve.

The case measures 43 by 51 mm and is 15.8 mm thick.

Urwerk won both the Innovation Watch Prize and the Mechanical Exception Watch Prize at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève for the EMC in November, 2014.

Time Hunter

In 2016, Urwerk refreshed the EMC design, adding the ability to measure amplitude as well as rate. The new Cal. UR-EMC2 is closely related to the previous EMC movement but the displays on the dial of the watch are quite different. The hour and minutes dial is now central and has been enlarged to resemble a conventional watch. Running seconds are displayed on a disc rather than with hands, with an 80-hour power reserve indicator located opposite. A single hand displays both timekeeping precision (to + or - 15 seconds per day) and amplitude on demand.

The Time Hunter was launched in January as two limited-edition sets of just 15 examples, both in titanium and steel but one coated in green ceramic. A skeletonized “X-Ray” model followed in September.


  • EMC (2013) - Titanium and steel case
    • EMC Black (2014) - Titanium and black coated steel
    • EMC Pistol (2015) - Titanium and steel engraved
  • EMC Time Hunter (2016)
    • EMC Time Hunter (2016) - Titanium and steel case (LE of 15)
    • EMC Time Hunter (2016) - Titanium and steel case coated in green ceramic (LE of 15)
    • EMC Time Hunter X-Ray (2016) - Titanium and steel case with skeleton dial (LE of 15)
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