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Urwerk UR-103

The Ur-103 was the primary watch from Urwerk from 2003 to 2010.


After some initial success, Urwerk labored for six years to create a follow-up to the UR-101 and UR-102 launched in 1997. The result was the UR-103 line, which would be the company's signature model for a decade. The futuristic case features a large crown at 12 00 between large lugs and a time readout along the bottom edge, designed to be easy to read while driving.

The UR-103 is nicknamed the “Space Ship” or “Time Traveler” for its futuristic case. The case is nearly flat along the sides, from the wide lugs at the top to a curved surface at the bottom edge. It is marked by longitudinal lines, accentuating this long rectangular shape. The display features "wandering" hours similar in some ways to the UR-101, that points to the minutes along a 90º path. There are no hands, but a pointer by the hour marker indicates the time quite precisely. The oversized crown is said to resemble a rocket engine.

The underside of the watch features overlapping 15-minute and seconds hand subdials, a retrograde power reserve indicator, and an exposed regulating screw that can move the time indication forward or back up to 30 seconds per day. The case measures 50 mm long, 36 mm wide, and 13.5 mm thick.

Unlike the original Urwerk movement, UR-103 features a hand-winding movement operating at a frequency of 21,600 A/h. The movement features a Maltese cross arrangement of four hour discs, each showing three hours. This is hidden in the early models but was exposed in later examples.

The UR-103.03 introduced a “Targa” case that allowed the time discs to be viewed more easily through a U-shaped window.

The UR-103T features a large rectilinear window through which the entire movement can be viewed. Due to the window and black ARCAP cross, this version is nicknamed “Tarantula”.

The series ended in 2010 as the Urwerk UR-201 became the new focus for the company.

One final UR-103 was built in 2011 for Only Watch. The UR-103 “Phoenix” featured a white gold case hand-engraved by Jean-Vincent Huguenin.


  • UR-103.01 (2003) - (Cal. UR-03.01) White gold case
  • UR-103 Junkers (2004) - (Cal. UR-03.02) Designed to resemble the Junkers airplane, and featuring that logo, the window is also enlarged
  • UR-103.03 Targa (2005) - (Cal. UR-03.03) The window is opened more, so all four hour discs can be observed
    • UR-103 Blackbird (2006) - 103 Targa case in platinum and coated with a black PE-CVD coating (a first in watchmaking)
    • UR-103.05 (2006) - 103 Targa case in platinum; Limited edition of 50 pieces
    • UR-103.06 Edition Speciale (2006) - 103 Targa case in white gold and set with Top Wesselton diamonds; Limited edition of 10 pieces
    • UR-103.08 TiAlN (2007) - 103 Targa case in TiAlN-coated stainless steel
    • UR-103.09 (2008) - 103 Targa case in white gold or red gold
    • UR-103 Hexagon (2008) - 103 Targa case in black platinum; Limited edition of 10 pieces
    • UR-103 Edition Speciale Art Deco (2009) - 103 Targa case with Art Deco design
  • UR-103T “Tarantula” (2009) - (Cal. UR-03.03) A fully open case with ARCAP cross, the case is AlTiN-coated stainless steel
    • UR-103T Mexican Fireleg (2010) - 103T AlTiN steel or gold case and movement with orange markings
    • UR-103T Shining T (2010) - 103T AlTiN gold case and movement with ARCAP P40 and titanium movement elements
  • UR-103 “Only Watch” (2011) - Hand-engraved white gold case


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