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Urwerk UR-201

Urwerk 201 (click to enlarge!)
Urwerk 201
© Urwerk

The UR-201 is the first in the “200” family from Urwerk, introduced in 2007.


Urwerk's third major watch family, the 200-series was launched in 2007 with the UR-201. Like the company's Urwerk UR-103 series, it features a specialized case and movement architecture, with the crown mounted between the lugs at 12 00, wandering hours indicated with rotating elements, and the minutes index at 6 00. Although not a dramatic departure in overall concept from the UR-103 series and even the original Urwerk UR-101, the UR-201 is entirely different internally.

The case of the UR-201 has three flat edges (top, left, right) and a curved edge on the bottom. The massive crown is located at the top between the lugs. A large crystal allows the movement to be viewed. Centrally, a three-sided element holds “satellites” with hour numerals, similar to the four-sided design of the UR-103. Although its predecessor used four conical discs with three numbers each, these satellites are nearly cubic in form, with each of three arms holding four numbers. As the central rotor rotates clockwise, the hour satellite points to a minute scale counter-clockwise, allowing the time to be read with precision.

Unlike the UR-103, a power reserve indicator and day/night indicator are placed above the minute scale on the front of the watch. The rear also features a “Control Board” like the UR-103, this time showing an “Oil Change” indicator to show 3 years between servicing and a linear “100 Year Plus” scale to sho total hours of movement operation. The Fine Tuning Screw is present once again, though this time enlarged and located centrally.

The case is much larger than previous Urwerk watches, measuring 45.6 mm tall by 43.5 mm wide and 15 mm thick. The new Cal. UR 7.01 is still hand winding and operates at 21,600 A/h for a 50 hour (indicated) power reserve.

UR-202 Turbine Automatic

The UR-202 “Turbine Automatic” model, launched in 2008, features a unique winding regulator system. Rather than the “Control Board” on the back of the watch, two tiny “turbines” visible on the back of the case can act as a brake on the winding rotor, reducing winding efficiency on demand or stopping winding entirely. A switch in the center selects these functions.

The Cal. 7.02 movement is closely related to the hand-winding movement found in UR-201 but with automatic winding. Most following watches would feature automatic winding as well until the 2014 launch of UR-105.

UR-202S Full Metal Jacket

In 2011, Urwerk released their first watch with a metal bracelet. The new UR-202S was nicknamed “Full Metal Jacket” to highlight this new feature.

Rare Species

In 2010, Urwerk launched a “Rare Species” line in cooperation with retailers Chronopassion of Paris and The Hour Glass of Singapore. The collection was limited to 12 pieces for the UR-202 “White Shark” plus 12 more for the UR-110 ZrN Torpedo.


  • UR-201 (2007) - Hand-winding Cal. UR 7.01, case in white gold, red gold, platinum (LE of 10) and black PE-CVD platinum (LE of 10)
    • UR-201 Black Pt “Black Shark” (2007) - Case in black PE-CVD platinum (LE of 10)
  • UR-202 Turbine Automatic “Hammerhead” (2008) - Automatic Cal. UR 7.02, twin turbine winding regulation system
    • UR-202 “White Shark” (2010) - “Rare Species” (LE of 12)
    • UR-202S “Full Metal Jacket” (2011) - Metal bracelet and case in black or stainless steel
  • UR-203 Black Pt (2008) - Case in black PE-CVD platinum (LE of 20)
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