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Urwerk UR-105

The UR-105 “Knight” is a family of hand-winding watches produced by Urwerk since 2014.


Urwerk launched the shield-shaped UR-105 in 2014. For the sixth-generation “Ur-Satellite” watch, Urwerk returned to the four-disc wandering hours concept last seen in the UR-103, introduced a decade earlier. Despite the name, the UR-105 debuted three years after the UR-110 and was sold alongside that model.

The case is somewhat smaller than previous models, measuring a slimmer 39.5 mm wide by a still-large 53 mm tall and 16.65 mm thick. The overall impression is a smaller watch, due to the tapered shield-shaped case and convex shape. This case shape gives the model its nickname, “Knight”.

UR-105M Hand-Winding

The first UR-105 “Knight” model was the hand-winding UR-105M. The new Cal. UR 5.01 is very similar to the Cal. UR-3 used in those watches, a hand-winding movement with a central four-armed rotor moving four hour discs across a minute scale located at the bottom edge of the case. However the UR-105 holds many new twists inherited from the automatic UR-210 as well. The closest predecessor for the UR-105M is the hand-winding UR-201 of 2007.

The power reserve indicator and running seconds are now viewed through two apertures on the right side of the case. The “Control Board” has returned to the bottom now that the air turbines are no longer needed. Like UR-201, the rear includes an “Oil Change” indicator to show 3 years between servicing and the Fine Tuning Screw and indicator. But like the UR-103, a retrograde power reserve indicator is found there.

UR-105 Turbine Automatic

In 2015, Urwerk returned with an automatic version of the “Knight” UR-105. The Cal. UR-5.02 adds automatic winding and features the winding rate control lever on the back. Similar to the UR-202, the winding rate is regulated by twin air turbines visible on the back of the case and modified using a central three-position switch. This version lacks the side-mounted power reserve indicator and running seconds display, along with the rear-mounted Oil Change and Fine Tuning “Control Board”.


  • UR-105M “Knight” (2014) - Hand winding Cal. UR-5.01, titanium and steel case
    • UR-105M AlTiN
  • UR-105 TA “Urwerk Knight” (2015) - Automatic Cal. UR-5.02
    • UR-105 TA “Black Orange” (2015) - Black and orange
    • UR-105 TA “Black Lemon” (2015) - Black and yellow
    • UR-105 “T-Rex” (2015) - Black bronze pebbled case
    • UR-105 TA “Clockwork Orange” (2016) - Black and orange
    • UR-105 TA “Raging Gold” (2016) - Red gold bezel on black titanium case
    • UR-105 CT “Streamliner” (2017) - Black case
    • UR-105 CT Black
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