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Urwerk UR-210

The UR-210 “Maltese Falcon” is the fifth “Ur-Satellite” watch family from Urwerk, produced from 2012 to present.


Picking up from its immediate predecessors, the UR-201 and UR-110, the UR-210 is part of the “Ur-Satellite” series that has defined Urwerk from the beginning. Like them, it features a centrally-mounted element holding wandering hour indicators which point to a minute scale at the edge of the case. The UR-210 is similar to the UR-201 in that the minute scale faces the bottom of the case.

A novelty introduced with the UR-210 is an “activity indicator” that shows the winding efficiency over the last two hours. This shows the level of activity that the wearer has recently performed. Like previous models, the user can tune the automatic winding efficiency using a switch on the back of the case to engage twin air turbine regulators.

The UR-210 picks up where the UR-201/202/203 series left off, even using an evolution of the same Cal. UR-7 movement. The new Cal. UR-7.10 is automatic like UR-7.02. This has been upgraded like the UR-110 with 28,800 A/h frequency and relocation of the power reserve indicator and day/night indicator to the opposite side of the dial from the minute track.

The case is much larger than the UR-200 family, and even larger than the UR-110, measuring 43.8 mm wide, 53.6 mm tall, and 17.8 mm thick.


  • UR-210 “Maltese Falcon” (2012) - Cal. UR-7.10
    • UR-210 AlTiN (2013) - AlTiN case
    • UR-210 RG (2013) - Titanium and red gold case
    • UR-210Y “Black Hawk” (2014) - LE of 75
    • UR-210S (2015) - Titanium and steel case with metal bracelet (LE of 35)
    • UR-210 CP (2016) - Titanium and steel case with Clous de Paris bezel
    • UR-210 “Amadeus” (2017) - Engraved case
    • UR-210 “Dubai” (2017) - Engraved case by Florian Güllert
    • UR-210 “Royal Hawk” - Platinum and titanium case with black DLC coating
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