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Vacheron Constantin Tour de L'Ile

Vacheron Constantin Tour de L'Ile
© Vacheron Constantin

Tour de L'Ile is a luxury watch by Vacheron Constantin.

In 2005 the manufacture Vacheron Constantin celebrated its 250th anniversary - in 1755 it had been established. For this special occasion this valuable and extremely expensive watch was presented, which is equipped with 11 hands and, as by then most complicated wristwatch of the world, combines 16 complications.

In the same year, Vacheron Constantin received for the Tour de L'Ile the “Golden Hand” award as main prize of the renowned Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève.

With a value of approximately 1.500,000 $ the Tour de L'Ile is said to be the most expensive watch in the world.

A total of 7 pieces are produced, one of which remains in the private collection of Vacheron Constantin and one with black dial was auctioned by Antiquorum at 3.4.2005 in Geneva.

With more than 1.87 million Swiss francs the specimen auctioned in Geneva achieved the highest price in the world paid for a contemporary wristwatch.





Limited edition:

  • 7 pieces


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