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Elegant men's watch by Chopard

Swiss watch and jewelry manufacturer

The Scheufele family

Louis Ulysse Chopard founded in 1860 in Sonvilier in the Swiss Jura a watch company, which manufactured high precision pocket watches and supplied them to the Swiss Railway.

Since 1963 the company with the noble-sounding name is owned by the German family Scheufele, because Karl Scheufele, a successful jeweler from Pforzheim, acquired the traditional business from the then 80-year-old Paul André Chopard. Before Scheufele had marketed watches under his own brand "Eszeha".

Meanwhile, the family business with branches in Geneva, Fleurier, and Pforzheim is one of the most successful jewelery and watch manufacturers in the world. Chopard stands for high quality jewelery collections and special watches, and much emphasis is laid on manual labor and a high degree of vertical integration.

Since 1996 Chopard also has a separate watch manufacture in Fleurier, where the Chopard watches are designed and manufactured with in-house L.U.C. movements. According to own statements the Scheufele family had considered already from the early 1990s to build a separate factory for traditional products, in order to secure real legitimacy in the area of ​​Haute Horlogerie. This was now attained with the support of the watchmaker Michel Parmigiani and his company, who were also working in Fleurier.

In 2007 the manufacture already had 108 employees in 15 different professions. The 3000 L.U.C. movements annually developed and produced in the manufacture bear not only the COSC chronometer certificate, but are also provided with the seal of the FQF, that represents a certification which surpasses the COSC testing. Chopard is even a founding member of the Quality Association FQF (Fondation Fleurier Quality Award).

Chopard Group

Chopard Group currently includes three main components:

Own watch movements

In 1997 the L.U.C 1860 is launched, the first watch with the new Chopard calibre L.U.C 1.96.

In 2000 the L.U.C Quattro with the calibre L.U.C 1.98 has a premiere. It is equipped with four barrels (2 x 2, lying on top of each other) and garantees a power reserve of approximately 9 days.

In 2001 the calibre L.U.C 3.97 tonneau is presented, an automatic form movement with eccentric micro-rotor.

In 2007 Chopard launches with the L.U.C. 10 CF its first automatic chronograph movement, for which three patents are pending.


Chopard & Cie S.A.
Case postale 85
rue de Veyrot 8
CH-1217 Meyrin (Geneva)