TAG Heuer Calibre 360

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TAG Heuer Calibre 360
© TAG Heuer
TAG Heuer Calibre 360 Explosionsbild
© TAG Heuer

Movement by TAG Heuer

First mechanical chronograph movement worldwide with an accuracy of 1/100th second.

The calibre combines two movements:

  • Both movements are wound by a single crown, by clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.

Used et al in these models:


Two integrated mechanical movements: a self-winding movement and a chronograph movement with manual winding


Hours, minutes, linear second at 3 h
Version LS ("linear second"): seconds indication takes place on a straight line, by means of exclusive coil spring
Chrono function with 1/100th second precision at 6 h
100 minutes power reserve indicator at 12 h
Crown winding which rotates in both directions. The crown operates two movements: Clockwise it winds the chronograph with manual winding; counterclockwise it winds the automatic movement
Date transfer from the lower movement part to the upper dial


? lignes
Ø ? mm, H ? mm
> 230 components

Production period:

From 2005