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Aubry Frères SA (Aubry or CWD) was a Swiss watch brand founded in 1917.


Aubry was founded in 1917 in Le Noirmont. It was founded by brothers Henri and Marc Aubry, managed by Marcel Aubry through the 1980s, and directed by his son Henri Aubry in the 1990s. The firm concentrated on the Ciny brand from 1928 through the 1970s before acquiring West End in 1973 and Doxa in 1978.

In the 1980s, the company, now known as CWD, focused on Doxa (Europe), Ernest Borel (in the Americas and China), and West End (in the Middle East and Asia). Between 1983 and 1986, Jean-Pierre Jaquet had become sales and marketing manager for Aubry. West End celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1986. In 1989 Aubry entered the licensing market with Champion brand watches and a collaboration with artist Seth Jaben.

By 1991, Aubry was receiving financial assistance from Hong Kong Truly, Ltd, along with a board seat. The Ernest Borel brand was popular in China and the company invested heavily in it. When Marcel Aubry retired in the 1990s, the Borel brand was acquired by Steven Lam of Truly.

In 1997, Aubry sold the Doxa brand to the Jenny family. The West End brand was divested in 2000.

Today, an unrelated company called Aubry Watches sells “vegan watches”.


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